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Meet the Bean: Evaluating quality coffee beans

"Where can I find good quality coffee beans?", you may ask yourself. Consider the source, where they are sourcing their beans from, the countries of origin, the experience of the roaster - is the roaster the same person that is selling you your beans or is it from an impulse rack at Trader Dick's Grocery?


There is a huge difference between coffee qualities, origins, roasting methods, grinds and even brewing methods! Let's take a short look at some of the factors that lead to a great cup of coffee and how you can know a thing or two before heading into your grocer, bare-knuckling it into a chain, or relying on flashy marketing. (Fast tip: order now from Killer Beans & get fresh-roasted, oily goodness, lovingly packaged & shipped straight to your door!)


Arabica vs Robusta

Arabica beans are generally better quality & are known for better flavor. This is due to the higher elevation of growth and accounts for around 80% of the world's coffee bean production.

Robusta is known to have higher caffeine content and is generally disease and pest resistant, but these lower elevation beans are most often used in lower quality blends.

Acidity vs Bitterness

Acidity is natural and the dark roasted coffee and coffee grown at lower elevations generally have lower acidity. Over -extraction often leads to bitterness in your cup. This can be avoided by proper brewing with the appropriate grind size for your brewing method.


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